Microfinance Initiative

  • The Microfinance Initiative (MFi) is a graduate student organization at the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business that is committed to educating and aiding global microfinance programs, while providing job and internship opportunities to UH students. MFi promotes these goals through an interdisciplinary framework that best utilizes our campus community and cultural diversity, while also raising awareness of the benefits and practical applications of microfinance.
  • The Seeds of Hope Award

  • The Microfinance Program at the Bauer College of Business – Houston BenefitThe Microfinance Program at the Bauer College of Busines, University of Houston, is committed to empowering the underserved through
  • PATHWAYS TO EMPOWERMENT: WOMEN AND THE ECONOMY IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD  The Women and Human Rights in the Middle East Program at Rice University’s Baker Institute, CARE, and the …
  • Hot Off The Press Please join us to celebrate the funding of the first Bayou Microfund sponsee and Bauer Microfinance Program graduate on Kiva Zip and the launch of the second! Wednesday, March 19th

MFi Africa Tour

The Microfinance Initiative at the University of Houston: A Micro-Revolution with a Macro-Vision!